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DMCA Reporting

DMCA – Video Piracy Services

Red Apple Media has partnered with a leading DMCA companies to offer you a full service DMCA system to help take down illegally posted content.

Dedicated Staff

The dedicated staff patrols blogs, file-sharing sites, torrents, newsgroups and other online sources of illegal file sharing and searches for your files. Any uncovered files are immediately added to our system, which sends out take-down notices every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day.

Class Action Evidence

If sites fail to remove our clients’ files, we will have amassed enough evidence (among all of our clients) to provide to a class action attorney in the effort to shut the illegal sites down. We also offer an additional service that will include screenshots of every file we find.

Watermarking Service

Being re-active and taking down files is not enough – you must be pro-active! Our convenient watermarking service helps you easily identify anyone illegally UPLOADING your files and stop those responsible for pirating your content. We can watermark movies, images and image archives.

Proven Success

Currently 98% of the files we report are taken down, and usually within hours. Most major studios and content providers have discovered that this type of protection can be a secret weapon in the fight against illegal content sharing.



Clients receive monthly reports that detail how many files were found, where they were found, and how many were taken down. Clients learn how long it takes for their files to be removed, and those who opt for more detailed reports can get a full list of discovered URLs, along with per-site statistics as they pertain to the client’s files.