Server Visitor Capacity Calculator

More and more websites these days are database-generated. Use this calculator to determine the maximum number of visitors your server can handle, starting with the amount of time it needs to generate the most database-intensive page. The calculator assumes that your server takes 100% CPU for every page.

How long does the slowest page on your website take?
For example, look for scripting pages (PHP, ASP, Perl, etc.) that perform a lot of database queries.
How many times will a single visitor request such a page? Pages
Maximum number of visitors
(without allowance for peaks)
Visitors per day Visitors per month
Maximum number of simultaneous visitors
(at 1 page per visitor per minute)
Maximum number of pages Pages per second Pages per day Pages per month

The calculator uses the following formulas:

Visitors per day =
86400 / (SecondsPerPage * PagesPerVisitor)
Visitors per month =
86400 * 30.41 / (SecondsPerPage * PagesPerVisitor)
Maximum simultaneous visitors =
60 / SecondsPerPage
Maximum number of pages per second =
1 / SecondsPerPage
Maximum number of pages per day =
86400 / SecondsPerPage
Maximum number of pages per month =
86400 * 30.41 / SecondsPerPage