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Happy clients are the lifeblood of any quality service firm, and our clients are quite happy!

Michael G. Smith - Constructive Solutions, Inc

Collaborating with Red Apple Media enabled us to build a scalable, effective app and thanks to their good advice we managed to avoid some pitfalls that could have cost valuable hours later in the development process.Partnering with Red Apple Media has been an excellent decision for Enzyme IT.    

Chris Akers - SDCA Websites

The expertise and high level of proactive services Red Apple Media offers is a major reason why we’ve been able to enjoy the amount of growth we have had with our web site. They are a true partner in our success for the last 10 years.    

Bryan Ockert - Chaos Men

My sites get a ton of  traffic and there is always some nefarious person trying to break-in, or worse, I mess up my own site! Red Apple Media has always been there, even in the middle of the night, to set things right or to help protect against an attack. Their support is premium and personalized. I know that at three in the morning, I have a team to watch over my servers and keep me up and running smoothly.  

Dink Flamingo - Active Duty

After years of being a client of Cavecreek Web Hosting, we switched to Red Apple Media.  I must admit that I was reluctant at first because Red Apple Media was a smaller company, but that paid off big in personalized attention.  The staff at Red Apple Media are not only very attentive business partners for us now, but also really good friends.  We wouldn't think of going anywhere else.  When we redesigned our site with a new CMS, Red Apple Media was there with us every step of the way, solving problems for us that we could not solve ourselves.  This kind of service and attention is key to successful transitions.

Tim Bean -

Red Apple Media is the best certificate authority I have worked with. Your pricing is excellent, and your authorization process is extremely efficient and easy.